REALTOR Survey: Where Do You Spend the Most Time Prospecting for New Clients?

By Survey

It’s survey time! I’d like to know more about where your strengths and weaknesses are in your real estate business.

To make the survey fun, I thought I’d tie it into a giveaway! Human trafficking is a cause I’m passionate about, and this month Milk and Honey Tees is donating a portion of their sales to Redeemed Ministries and Keep Austin Free. So, I’d like for my Realtor-friends to have a chance to win a Milk and Honey tee of their choice – all you need to do is fill out this short survey about where you spend most of your time in your business, make sure your email address is supplied, and you will be entered to win!

Don’t worry – I’m doing this for my personal knowledge for my second book (which, I’m four chapters into already, so get ready!) and in no way will your name be tied to your answer or used against you in any way (I won’t be calling you out that you need to beef up your open houses, I promise!).

Giveaway Details:

No purchase necessary to win. (Although, if you buy my book you’ll be helping your business become more successful!) Survey will be closed at noon (CST) on January 25th, 2016. Winner will be chosen at random on January 25th, 2016, and winner must pick their shirt by January 31st, 2016 so that it falls in line with the charities getting a portion of sale. This giveaway is performed by me, Shannon Ensor, out of the goodness of my heart and is not connected to the companies or charities named above except for the shirt I’m going to give away and the donations accrued because of my purchase. Sorry if you are a not a Realtor and want to participate, maybe you can send this link to your favorite Realtor and they’ll give you their shirt if they win 😉 If you want to fill out the survey for fun and don’t really want a shirt, feel free to give your shirt to someone else if your name is drawn. Hopefully that covers all the legal stuff.

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