Four Tips to Jump Start Your Real Estate Career in 2016

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If you’re anything like me, the last week has been a wonderful time spent with family and friends, indulging in too many treats and taking time away from work to reflect on the holiday season.

The coming weekend is the first weekend of 2016 – which means it’s time to shake off the holiday haze and jump into action so that 2016 is your best year yet!

This is the time of year when internet traffic starts to pick up on real estate sites and when the line graph depicting sales starts to shoot back toward the positive side of the spectrum. The New Year incites people to analyze their living situation and determine if it’s time to buy before the spring season heats up or if they need to get their house ready to sell in time for the spring market.

This means buyers and sellers are out in full effect and you need to be where they are! Here are four tips for where you will find them:

    1. OPEN HOUSES! This is the perfect time of year for open houses! Sellers are out to size up their competition and determine what they need to do before they can sell. Buyers are often beginning their home search and more likely to be seeking representation. Be where your market is and start holding some houses open.
    2. Your database! Hopefully you contacted everyone in your database over the holidays. If so, you probably received some responses of, “Let’s get together after the holidays are over.” Now’s your time to take those people out! Your database is full of loyal people – and over the holidays they may have learned of others you have yet to meet that are wanting to buy or sell soon – get ready to receive those referrals!
    3. In your farm. Do you have a farm? What is the last thing you sent to them? Your farm is FULL of sellers! Let them know you are an active expert in their neighborhood -- see #1.
    4. Social media. Your social media probably consists heavily of #2 (your database). Don't go stale in front of them. Create interesting content so they remember you as their real estate agent. Videos are a great way to create interesting content. Fresh out of video ideas? Do a segment on your farm or even a simple video of you drawing your open house gift card winner!

Use these four tips to get your plan of action for meeting more buyers and sellers into place before the New Year begins.

Jump into action now and may 2016 be your best year yet!


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About the Author

Shannon Ensor has been an Austin REALTOR and broker since 2005. In addition to being a top-producing agent, she coaches and mentors a team of agents. One day, while creating a guide on open houses for her team, Shannon realized she had enough information and strategies to fill a book! Thus, Your Key to Open House Success was born.

Carrying on her desire to teach and help other agents become successful, she filled the book with every secret, strategy and tactic she had learned over her years of building a successful business through open houses. In mentoring agents, Shannon has also learned the go-to objections agents create that sabotage their success.

She passes along her sabotage-proof mindset to her readers and hopes that each one will gain the knowledge and motivation to become the best agent they can possibly be.

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