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I’ve been to countless property tours over the last twelve years and notice that not everyone knows how to turn them into a lead generation activity. Most agents skip property tours altogether, and some treat them as a chore or duty they have to fulfill to either satisfy their seller or broker.

So, I put together a free mini ebook to help you all stop wasting your time on property tours and turn them into a lead generation activity!

In this ebook I’ll show you how to earn credibility in front of your sphere of influence through the use of property tours, as well as grab attention from people outside of your SOI. You’ll also learn how to use property tours as a tactic to get more exposure for your listings.

Property tours are tactics in your business, not a main business builder. You must learn how to control your time with them so that you can be the most efficient agent and get the most return on investment (your time) possible!

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