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Learn tips and strategies from Shannon Ensor, Broker Associate

Your Key To Open House Success

Are open houses something you simply check off your to-do list with no regard to their true income potential? Do you repeatedly hold open houses without much success? Do you have a plan of action in place for when you do meet people at your open houses?

In this book, Shannon Ensor, Broker/REALTOR® and real estate mentor, shows you how open houses are an integral part of your income stream. Prepare, plan and profit from open houses using the day-by-day marketing guide she details for you. Generate more leads, experience exponential database growth, and learn how to dominate a neighborhood by using the strategies that will change your career forever.

This book doesn’t stop at open houses — you’ll also learn how to enhance your neighborhood farm and generate more listings through FSBOs and expired listings through the use of open houses!

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Purchaser's Review on Amazon

“As the founder and manager of Sky Realty of 11 years I have to say this book is spot on! I like the fact that it incorporates some of the qualities that Jim Collins referred to as SMaC (Slow Methodical and Consistent over time) qualities in Great By Choice. Anytime you have a book that is rooted in such tried and true principles you are going have a book that helps to get your business in the right direction!” Curtis Reddehase, President of Sky Realty

Another Amazon Review

“No matter how many open houses you have held, you must read this book! This book is packed full of diamonds, not just any gem, on how to take your open house to the next level. There are tons of tips on building your database. And, if you are like me and hate cold calling and door knocking, Shannon even takes the fear out of circle prospecting, and working FSBOs! Great resource for any professional Realtor®!” Frank Minogue, Realtor at Keller Williams

Prospecting With Purpose: How To Methodically Grow Your Real Estate Business

Whether you’re a seasoned agent or just starting out, Prospecting with Purpose shows you how to create a sustainable and successful real estate career. In this book you’ll learn: • How to stop the vicious cycle of starting over after each closing. • The importance of a strong branding package. • The six primary prospecting components that will keep your business running efficiently. • How to methodically work each area of your business congruently so you create a strong, professional image and can work smarter. • Prospecting tactics to boost your career. • How to manage your schedule and track your success. • And so much more! The principles and strategies you’ll learn in this book will help you build a strong foundation and stick to it. Downloadable resources accompany the book to help you get started right away. Stop wondering where your next sale is going to come from and get ready for the prosperous career you’ve desired!

"I found this book to be extremely beneficial to my real estate career."

“I found this book to be extremely beneficial to my real estate career. In this business, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and to focus all of your energy on one task. But to truly be successful selling homes for a living, you have to build an engine that runs on many cylinders. Prospecting With Purpose is a machine that is fueled by a 6-cylinder engine (Buyers & Sellers, Database, Farming, Open Houses, Internet & Social Media, and FSBO’s & Expireds.) If you are interested in learning how to tie all theses areas of your business together, you should pick up a copy of this book today!”

"Shannon has done it again!"

“Shannon has done it again! I have read her books on Open Houses and on Property tours, both also excellent, by the way. I have been an agent for just over a year, and was getting discouraged. In this book, Shannon outlines the pieces of the pie to building a successful business model that does not involve cold leads. She gives detailed methods of building your database, working with your buyers and sellers, guarding your time and time blocking, and successful farming methods. And better yet, she tells you ways to do it with any budget!!! This book is packed with tips, broken down to the nitty gritty, and easy to follow. I now know what steps I can take over the next year that will lead to the kind of business I want!”

"Great, Informative Read!"

“I am a new real estate agent and found this book very helpful. There are many different lead generation avenues of approach in this industry that successful Realtors use to create business; this book covers all of them! It also includes many business organization materials that have helped me stay neat and organized my first year in the business. This is a book that you will find yourself re-reading because there is a ton of useful information. Also, be sure to Shannon Ensor’s other book about Open House Success, it is just a wonderful as this one!”

About Shannon Ensor

Shannon Ensor has been an Austin REALTOR® since 2005, and has earned titles and designations that include Broker, Accredited Buyer’s Representative, Graduate Realtor Institute and Certified Negotiation Expert. In addition to being a top-producing agent, she has mentored a team of agents since 2009. She expands her passion for mentoring agents and for real estate in her books, ensuring that agents around the world have access to the knowledge they need to succeed. In each book she writes, she holds nothing back and gives her readers every secret, strategy and tactic she has learned over her years of building a successful real estate career. Through her experiences with mentoring agents, Shannon has also learned the go-to objections agents create that sabotage their success. She passes along her sabotage-proof mindset to her readers and hopes that each one will gain the knowledge and motivation to become the best agent they can possibly be.